Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lambert the Sheep Chef... A rhyming tale that will make Mother Earth smile

From "Sheep Chef Lambert" (es de me... Anne Marie)

Lambert planted a garden. He watered and sowed.  
He seeded and weeded and signs of life showed. 

He waited and soon saw sprouts push through the soil.
Stalks stretched to the sun and vines creep and coil.

Lambert gazed upon colors; red, yellow, and green.  
His food was so fresh, the sweetest he’d seen. 

He admired the garden.  His heart filled with pride. 
He had a green thumb that he could not hide!

"Sheep Chef Lambert" follows a determined gardener/chef Lambert and the challenges he faces as a rising star chef in his neighborhood.  How will he overcome the growing demand for his tasty creations? Bon Appetite! -A

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