Friday, March 30, 2012

And so it begins...

...the blog that is, not the writing. I happen to have some years of accumulated writing, mostly children's picture book texts, which are clogging up my computer's memory stores. So I have decided to liberate them and share the starts of my stories with whomever would like to read them via the conduit of this blog.

My hope is that a talented illustrator and a hard-working coder will deem my work a perfect fit for their next e-book project... and that my carriage will not turn back into a pumpkin. I do hope that the odds of a cinderella e-book team plucking me from the fireside are slightly better than my chances at winning the mega millions. Sweet dreams and stay tuned... -A

PS... I am a published author (a children's science book on wind energy), so I do have relevant industry experience.... My husband thought I should add that.

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