Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye to the Earth... (this has serious App-eal folks)

From "Goodbye to the Earth"  (brought to you by me, Anne Marie)
Goodbye to the Earth. I am leaving for space.  I want to make footprints in some distant place.

Before I lift off, I will take one more trip, and circle the globe in my swift rocket ship.

Each country I pass shall wave their farewells.  But will I remember their sights and their smells?
I shout “Goodbye Earth!” I am bound for the sun.  The countdown begins. Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

So long U.S. flag; red stripes and white stars, and busy highways cluttered with cars. 
Aloha to luaus, big waves, and grass skirts; to hulas, bright flowers, and Hawaiian shirts.

Sksuse to igloos, cool Eskimo pies, and Northern light colors that dance in the skies.
Poka to rubles and Russian ballets; to Moscow ’s bright domes and snow-covered sleighs.
Sayonara to sushi, kimonos, and tea; Japan’s rising sun and tall Mount Fuji...

In my location-rich manuscript, "Goodbye to the Earth," a child who has decided to leave the Earth for space, takes one final journey around the world.  He says farewell to each country in its native language while noting the unique sites that he will miss (Flamenco dancers in Spain... mysterious Loch Ness).   His travels take him in the correct order around the globe.  With extraordinary illustrations, animation and sound, I feel this book has real potential to succeed in the world of the ever-growing, ground-breaking apps.   Happy week-ending... -A

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  1. I love it!! Can't wait to read it to our daughter, Teagan!!