Friday, March 30, 2012

If I could Kayak with a Yak... (an appropriate first feature)

From "If I could Kayak with a Yak" (by me, Anne Marie)

If I could kayak with a yak, would our small boat sink? 
Would the yak lean toward the lake and try to take a drink? 

He could tip us over if he did not sit up straight. 
So I’d move him to the middle, to balance out the weight.

Would the birds that flew above be startled in mid-air
To see a creature in my boat with horns and wooly hair...

I recently bought a book for a friend's daughter during my lunch hour. I sat in my car reading, clock ticking, before I re-entered adulthood. The text and artfully matched illustrations helped me completely forget where and who I was at that moment. I imagine this is The Goal.  Rightly so, it also happens to be my aspiration in writing picture books. "If I could Kayak with a Yak" is a simple story I hope readers, or listeners, will connect to.  Exploring one child's reservations on entertaining an unusual guest in his/her kayak reminds us of the power imagination can hold.

"If I could Kayak with a Yak" is now a book... visit to check it out!

Until the next post... -A

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