Saturday, March 31, 2012

Halfway Henry... (it is possible, prose?)

From "Halfway Henry" (courtesy of me, Anne Marie)

Henry wanted to do everything.  So Henry did everything halfway.  

Each morning his alarm rang at half past six.  Henry put on half his school uniform because he did not like to wear his tie at breakfast.  Henry could never decide what to eat, so he ate half an apple and half an orange with his toast.  “Please spread half with peanut butter and half with jelly,” Henry told his mother.

While he slid on his tie; already half-tied, Henry brushed his teeth but only the top half because he was late.  He put half of his books in his bag and ran for the bus, already halfway down the block.   Henry sat with Tori on the bus, but just until it reached the bridge.   The bridge marked halfway to school, so he switched to sit with Josh after the bus crossed to the other side.

During quiet study hour, Henry spent half of his time on math.  When he worked through half of the problems, he decided to read half of his library book. The book was entertaining but Henry was nearly out of time, so he put it down to study his Spelling list.  This week’s list was compound words.  They were Henry’s favorite.  If you split the word in half, you ended up with two separate words like, bath and room or play and ground. 

Have you ever fooled yourself into thinking you could do it all?  Have you attempted to be a super-multi-tasker, only to find that you dumped the dog food in the muffin batter, and baked the ipad?  Like the rest of us humans, Henry tries to take it all on.  He eventually comes to realize the gratitude that stems from fully immersing yourself in a task, and following it to its end... if he isn't a little yogi, I don't know who is... namaste -A

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